YSAFA is the only provider of BA and MA programmes in Graphics in Armenia and the programme has its set traditions formed throughout years offered on full time basis.

The programme aims at preparing highly qualified specialists for the fields of machine graphics, book graphics and book illustration. The students learn to get dimensional images using lines, to create graphic compositional projects (machine, book design). As work on material is the main means of expression for graphic arts, special attention is drawn to it within the programme and the students obtain required skills and abilities for choosing and using graphic materials appropriate for the composition.

The programme also offers in-depth knowledge on techniques and technologies /lithography, linography, zincography, etching, different types of engraving, etc./. Further, the programme offers internships in the laboratory of the YSAFA or in publishing and printing houses. The variety of graphic techniques and materials offered by the programme opens wider opportunities for the future artists while turning ideas into plastic works.