2-year master/full-time

YSAFA offers BA and MA programmes in Design on a full time basis. The programme aims to prepare highly qualified specialists to cover a broad range of market needs. In particular, it prepares specialists for industry, environmental design (exterior, interior), creative-projection, advertising and other areas of design.  Such courses as composition, ergonomics, architectonics, bionics, drawing geometry, exterior-interior, projection and others are offered.

At MA level the programme enable the students to pursue advanced studies in the areas of history and philosophy of design, technology, urbanism, landscape, ecology, energy, conservation, art, design and the public domain, risk and resilience, and real estate.

Internships are organized in different fields of industry and private sector.

Professional Courses


1st year

  • Aesthetics
  • Research methods
  • Design technical drawing
  • Design analysis
  • Three-dimensional computer modeling
  • Design
  • Design modeling with material
  • Art Management/ Professional foreign language /Decorative painting– elective
  • Landscape design/Interior, Exterior Design/Professional foreign language/Technology of Organic Material Production – elective
  • Research work

2nd year

  • Three-dimensional computer modeling
  • Design
  • Portfolio project
  • Research work

Master’s degree final assessment is carried out in the form of master’s thesis or a complex creative compositional work defence. In case of compositional work, the graduate presents an extended explanatory or the research study (in a written form) referring to the work subject to defence. The final work should express not only students’ academic knowledge and creative abilities but also research skills. For the preparation of the Master’s thesis or compositional work, a supervisor and an opponent are assigned to a graduate. The topic, scope, sizes are approved by the relevant chair.


Neccsary documents

  1. Curriculum of  Design Academic Programme
  1. Course descriptions



Faculty of Design and Decorative Applied Arts

Dean: Prof. A. Avetisyan

Tel. (+37410) 54 36 71


Chair of Design and Fashion Design

Head: Prof. G. Gevorgyan

Tel. (+37410) 54 36 71


Joint Chair

Head: Prof. S. Galents

Tel. (+37410) 22 52 68