2-year master/full-time

Sculpture is offered through bachelor and master’s programmes on full time basis. The main emphasis is to develop skills that enable working at production of easel, monumental, animalistic and decorative sculptures. Students enrolled in this programme make reproductions from antique sculptures, sculpture life models, also used for compositions. Further, students carry out special study of human body structure, proportionality and plastics. While studying they acquire the skills of revealing the artistic peculiarities of a figure. The academic programme also focuses on the use of a sculpture in architectural projects.  


Professional Courses

1st year

  • Painting
  • Research Methods
  • Architectural Project
  • Composition
  • Fret/ Professional Foreign Languages / Animalistic Sculpture – elective
  • Sculpture/Professional Foreign Languages/Sculpture Enlargement – elective
  • Research Project

2nd year

  • Composition
  • Portfolio Project
  • Research work


Master’s degree final assessment is carried out in the form of master’s thesis or a complex creative compositional work defence. In case of compositional work, the graduate presents an extended explanatory or the research study referring to the work subject to defence. The final work should express not only students’ academic knowledge and creative abilities but also research skills.

For the preparation of the Master’s thesis or compositional work, a supervisor and an opponent are assigned to a graduate, and, if necessary, also a life model.  The topic, scope, sizes are approved by the relevant chair.


Necessary documents
  1. Curriculum of Sculpture academic programme
  2. Course Descriptions



Faculty of Fine Arts; Dean: Prof. E. Vardanyan

Tel. (+37410) 58 07 86


Chair of Sculpture

Head: G. Baghdasaryan

Tel. (+37410) 58 63 89