Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts having a histroy of more than 70 years has always maintained the tradition of pursuit of innovative knowledge. For the last twenty years, we have been working with diligence to come up with a special offer in fine arts education in the region.  Geared towards effective exchange of the best international experience in higher education, YSAFA has managed to establish an environment that promotes arts learning and development of creative thought. 

Students at YSAFA experience the arts through special curricula that enable to comprehensively get familiar with our historical and cultural rich heritage and appreciate it respectively. We also believe that if our students are to participate in a truly diverse, global society, they must understand and appreciate their own historical and cultural heritage as well as those of others.

Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts was established in 1946. Its fundamental values have been developed throughout the decades of its existence, which unite several generations of students and professors and distinguish its exclusive role in preservation and development of Armenian culture. Since its establishment the Academy operated jointly with the Institute of Theatre and Cinema to become a stand-alone academy in 1994.

Aram Isabekyan

YSAFA Rector, professor, RA Honored Art Worker