Student council is an elected representative unit which unites students, protects their rights. As a self-governing body, it was established in September 1993. 


The mission of the Student Council is:

  • unite students to support and participate in university activities, improvements of academic programmes,
  • promote the creation of civil society among students, preservation of national and university traditions.


It provides the participation of students in the governing process of the university (students make up 25 % of governing body) and represent the issues, concerning students accordingly to the governing bodies of University.


The Governing bodies of the Student Council are:


  • General Assembly
  • Presidency
  • President


The Governing supreme body is General Assembly that is elected for a term of 2 years by the principal of changing students. The members of General Assembly (authorized representatives) are elected among students of 2 faculties – 1 representative from each year.

The members of the presidency are the president of the Student Council, vice president, secretary, presidents of faculty student councils, the student newspaper editor and responsible of standing committees.

The permanent acting units of the Student Council are:

  • Faculty‚Äôs student councils
  • Committees
  • Editors of newspaper


The standing committees are:

  • Academic committee
  • Culture committee
  • Sport committee



YSAFA Student Council

President: E. Avetisyan