YSAFA Quality assurance center was established in September 2011 aimed at promoting effectiveness of education process as well as ensuring the alignment of academic programmes with market demands. YSAFA is a structural independent unit. Since its establishment, YSAFA Quality assurance center has implemented intensive activities promoting continuous improvement of the effective functioning of the Academy. For Academy its internal and external stakeholders’ needs/demands are  primary, so Quality assurance center has developed different tools, mechanisms to evaluate that needs/demands.

YSAFA QA center involves internal and external stakeholders in its activities through surveys and discussions among them that helps to be informed about the quality of YSAFA provided services. The center develops and uses QA tools and mechanisms, promotes Academy’s internal quality assurance processes. QA center objectives are to contribute continuous improvement of teaching and learning processes, coordinate self-assessment processes, ensure validity for external evaluation etc.



YSAFA QA center regulation see here.

Director of Quality assurance center: Nune Minasyan

Email: qadepartment@yafa.am

Phone: (+37410) 56-36-08