Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts was established in 1945. Its fundamental values have been developed throughout the decades of its existence, which unite several generations of students and professors and distinguish its exclusive role in preservation and development of Armenian culture. Since its establishment the Academy operated jointly with the Institute of Theatre and Cinema to become a stand-alone academy in 1994.

The mission of YSAFA is to contribute to the maintenance and promotion of national and international cultural values through


→ preparing highly qualified specialists in arts studies, fine arts, design, and decorative and applied arts in an environment conducive to learning and creation;

→ promoting research in cultural studies in general and fine arts in particular;

→ contributing to social cohesion through promotion of aesthetic values.


YSAFA offers bachelor, master and researcher programmes (four, two and three years respectively). Its two departments – Fine Arts and Design & Decorative Applied Arts – offer bachelor and master programmes in:


→ Painting

→ Sculpture

→ Graphics

→ Art Studies

→ Fashion Design

→ Computer Graphics

→ Design

→ Applied Arts


Further, in line with the Bologna agenda, a move to a learning-outcome approach to curricula development as well as allocation of European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ESTC) was made in 2007. An internal quality assurance system focusing on enhancement of the services offered by YSAFA has been established. Preparations for accreditation are well in the process.

Apart from the Yerevan campus YSAFA has two satellites in Gyumri and Dilijan. Both YSAFA and its two satellites are uniquely positioned geographically and are well equipped with studios, laboratories, and other facilities.


E-mail: yafa@yafa.am, info@yafa.am

Web site: http://www.yafa.am

Address: Isahakyan 36, Yerevan 0009, Armenia

Tel.: (+37410) 56-07-26

Working hours: 9:30-16:30 except Saturday and Sunday.

Responder: (+37410) 56-07-26, info@yafa.am