RA Honored Art Worker, Professor, Rector of Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts
Aram Isabekyan. Rector, Professor, RA Honored Art Worker

Welcome to Yerevan State Academy of Fine Arts,  

Established in 1945, YSAFA is a unique place with a long and proud tradition of intellectual rigor, pursuit of innovative knowledge and creative arts. That tradition lives today through the creativity and engagement of our students, academic and administrative staff. Since its establishment YSAFA has been an elite institution in the region geared towards promotion of such core values as mutual trust and respect for students and staff, establishment of a learner-centred environment as well as a team spirit that permeates our interactions.

For the last twenty years, we have been working with diligence to come up with a special offer in fine arts education in the region.  With the support of our founder, the Republic of Armenia Government, and followed by an intensive exchange of the best international experiences and practices on higher education, YSAFA has managed to establish the infrastructure that is conducive to learning and creating while placing services to society at the forefront.

Students at YSAFA experience the arts through special curricula taught by the best arts specialists in the region. The core concepts of curricula evolve around performance, creating and responding to arts, critical and reflective thinking and understanding the historical and cultural contexts of the arts. Such an approach is in line with the Armenian National Qualifications Framework. We also believe that if our students are to participate in a truly diverse, global society, they must understand and appreciate their own historical and cultural heritage as well as those of others.




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