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Erasmus + Programme

Key Action 1

International Credit Mobility Projects 

Reference guide for Applicants – Student Mobility


SAFAA has bilateral agreements with a series of foreign institutions within the frames of which it actualizes student exchange

Below you can find the conditions and required documents for students who want to participate in the short-term exchange.

The student can apply

  • To study at a partner foreign institution for 2nd and 3rd years of Bachelor programme
  • To study the 2nd semester of 1st year and 1st semester of the 2nd year Master programme
  • In case he has a good academic standing: the GPA for Bachelor programme students must be not less than 3.4 and for Master programme students- 3.6
  • If he knows the required foreign language
  • Russian
  • English B1 level
  • French; A2 for Bachelor programme and B1 for Master programme
  • Italian; A2 for Bachelor programme and B1 for Master programme

Deadlines to be followed by outgoing students on exchange bases and within Erasmus+ mobility programme:

  • The SAFAA student must turn to the International Relations department through the period between February 1- March 1 for studying the 1st semester abroad, and as for the 2nd semester, he must apply between September 10- October 10.

Required documents:

The student must

  • write a permission letter-application to the Rector
  • submit a recommendation letter issued by the chair, dean or a teaching lecturer
  • submit a motivation letter
  • submit a portfolio (in a pdf or a power point format) containing 15-20 best works and their description (name, material, size, date) in English, or another language required by the certain institution.
  • submit a CV (Curriculum Vitae)
  • two photos (passport size, 3×4 cm)
  • passport and its copy (the passport is returned immediately after it is compared with the original)
  • submit a transcript of records (requested from the students registrar department) and its notarised translation
  • language certificate based on the requirements of the certain foreign institution (see the language requirements above)


The requirements for the incoming students on exchange and Erasmus+ mobility programme

  • The student must complete the SAFAA application form with signature and send via e-mail to SAFAA e-mail address (the original must be taken when arriving) link to 
  • The foreign institution sends all the documents of the student via e-mail, then by regular mail. The package of documents must include students personal data, faculty, specialty, and current academic year/semester, attach the student’s passport scan or copy, portfolio, transcript of records, motivation letter, recommendation letter.
  • The foreign institution and the incoming student chose from the SAFAA course catalogue the relevant subjects and sends back to SAFAA.
  • The foreign institution, the student and the receiving institution sign a trilateral agreement in 3 equal originals before the mobility starts.
  • The Erasmus+ student completes the application form composed and required within Erasmus+ programme.


After completing his mobility period at YSAFA, the student is given the following documents:

  • Transcript of records that contains all the courses taken at SAFAA with relevant ECTS, hours and grades and also the description of grading system is attached.


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