Evaluation On The Course Effectiveness

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In May-June, 2017 YSAFA QA center conducted a survey among 56 “Painting” students of 1-3 year to evaluate the effectiveness of the “Painting” course.  The survey was conducted among the groups of the following lecturers: Mekhak Elbakyan, Zhora Hayrapetyan, Edik Vaedanyan, Vilen Zakaryan.

The students are mostly satisfied with the “Painting” course: assessment and teaching methods, internship etc. The students mostly evaluate the teaching staff’s professional and non-professional skills excellent and good. Students recommend to improve teaching approaches, to make the course content more interesting, to add the hours of the course, as well as to improve the classroom/workshop conditions in order to increase the effectiveness of course.


YSAFA QA center

Nune Minasyan; Mariam Hovhannisyan

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