ESPAQ project: Coordination meeting in Edinburgh

Staff members from YSAFA Academic Affairs and Quality Assurance Center participated in ESPAQ Coordination meeting on 20th and 21st of March 2017 hosted by SPARQS, Scotland.

The representatives from partner institutions met to discuss the project current flow of activities including future steps and upcoming events. Issues relating to the project finances, dissemination, quality control, sustainability and overall management were also tackled.

The project management team gathered the feedback on the implementation of each workpackage and set deadlines for further activities. Dates for the events (including staff study visits, student study visits, dissemination event and final conference) were also set.

The YSAFA representatives had also a unique opportunity to participate in two other events: on 22nd of March – the International Delegate’s Day (including visit to the oldest Stirling University) an on 23r of March – SPARQS Conference 2017. Both events were organized by SPARQS that opened new prospects for the delegates to visit Stirling University to learn on the student representation in university structures and student input into quality mechanisms. Besides, the international conference enabled to learn on the achievements of SPARQS in relation to the student engagement in university quality activities as well as opening new perspectives for them during their study. The Armenian case and YSAFA activities in this context were also presented during one of the workshops.

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