YSAFA joined TEMPUS ESPAQ project

YSAFA Students’ Community is engaged in EU Funded Tempus project ESPAQ starting from March 2015-November 2017. Project aims to improve the conditions for engagement by raising awareness on the importance of students’ say within the academic community providing capacity building support and by suggesting relevant changes in the legislation/HEI regulation.


Background of the project

The ESPAQ project is looking at one of the core challenges of Armenian higher education ( quality of its provision and outcomes), by engaging the students into processes of quality assurance (QA) and enhancement of their learning experience. With the help of project consortium, it will be explored the motivation and barriers for Armenian students to partake in QA on various levels.

Involvement of HEIs from the EU countries as well as the number of home institutions will send a clear signal to the academic community about the benefits of students’ engagement in quality processes. Partnership with the QA authority and the Ministry of Education and Science will ensure that outcomes of the project will be accessible to the decision-makers and will influence their agenda.

ESPAQ project offers a holistic approach responding the current needs of the Armenian students and HE system as a whole: 

  • Support students to engage at all levels in enhancing their learning experience
  • Support the development of practices and activities in HEIs and their local student associations that encourage student engagement
  • Support student engagement with national decision-makers and relevant agencies (QA agency)
  • Encourage the development of culture of student participation in Armenia

(the information is retrieved from the project official web-site www.espaq.eu)


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