Study visit: YSAFA students at UNIR, Madrid

3 students from YSAFA Students’ community participate in a study visit at UNIR (Universidad Internacional de La Rioja) 12-15 December, 2016, Madrid, Spain.

The aim of the study visit, organised within the frames of the ESPAQ project (Enhancing Students participation in Quality Assurance in Armenian Higher Education ), is to present the Spanish Quality Assurance system for Higher Education Institutions, to analyse how this is integrated into the governance and teaching/working processes at UNIR, and to support them in applying QA standards through simulation exercises.

A rich programme has been developed, under the coordination of Prof Daniel Burgos, Vicechancellor for Knowledge Transfer and Technology, and Rubén González Crespo, Director of the Engineering School at Universidad Internacional de La Rioja.




About the project

Tempus ESPAQ project is looking at one of the core challenges of Armenian higher education ( quality of its provision and outcomes), by engaging the students into processes of quality assurance (QA) and enhancement of their learning experience. Project aims to improve the conditions for engagement by raising awareness on the importance of students’ say within the academic community providing capacity building support and by suggesting relevant changes in the legislation/HEI regulation.

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